Friday, June 11, 2021

ALT TEXT - Using the capability.


How often do we use this function available to us in almost all platforms?
You may or may not know the use of it.
I will however highlight it here.

The ALT TEXT gives capability to a person with vision challenges to hear a description of the image.

In our hurry to post we often forget that technology has made it possible for people with challenges also to use, access and consume information, products & services.

If you are attaching an image for the visualizer do consider adding an ALT TEXT to it.

I am attaching a video of how and where this function is available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
If you do not add a text , the platform algorithms add their own description which may or may not be so accurate.

Especially if you have products, services dealing in great looking visuals like Food, Clothes, Gifts, Workshops, Flyers, anything and everything - Make it Inclusive.
For the sake of efficiency consider adding a part of your post itself as the ALT TEXT
While images and video make your posts attractive , adding ALT TEXT means you added value to a segment and increased your own segment as well. 

 I have been planning this post for a while a timely reminder was a post by a visually impaired parent who shared his son's graduation pictures and also described them so instead of just hearing about the graduation the people who needed could also understand what the pictures were describing.

Let everyone Visualize not just the ones who see it.
Be Inclusive.
For more help post a comment.

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