Sunday, June 13, 2021

Everyday Heroes - The Mixie Repair shop Person

 Known him for roughly 30 years.

He wasn't in the shop today.

The mixie, the pressure cooker handle, the safety valve, gaskets, blade change, jar change  anything and everything which needed to be repaired was done by him.

Impartial advice give on the brands, knowing our needs, frequency of usage.

Nominal charges -[today's safety valve was AED 5 change on a branded cooker.]

The shop is so small only the person who knew the shop inside out could track the small screws, safety valves or any attachment there.

You could buy from the shop where he was an employee but considering I knew him to be serving there for more than 30 years showed his loyalties simultaneously also spoke volumes of the employers.

Today some other men were there. 

I handed my cooker handle. They said 5 minutes and I walked out. 

On my return in 10 minutes the valve was ready. I paid up and enquired about the gentleman who was my contact point.

With a sad face the person at the counter said we lost him 4 months back to Covid.

I was so sad, I could not speak for a few seconds. Then I asked what about his family are they okay? Do they have money ? Do they need anything?

He looked at me calmly and said they are fine. His son is here and again they are ok.

With a choked voice I managed to say, " Tell him , his father was a good man". I repeated again and said please do tell him that.

I know we always thanked him, were polite to him, asked him how the business was  and he also kept the store open beyond the opening hours sometimes just to accommodate our picking up or dropping something off. 

The care and customer relationship he showed not only to us but every friend we sent his way was beyond the Call of Duty. 

If I could see or talk to him one more time I would ask him to be safe and tell him how his advice and  kindness helped us save money with repair, reuse so many times.

Tell the heroes in your life today how important they are or tomorrow it will be an unfinished thought.




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