Monday, June 21, 2021

Hashtag tips for LinkedIn and Highlighting content in Links.

Use of Hashtags

Do you know why choosing hashtags in a proper sequence is important in LinkedIn?

Today I am going to take you through another LinkedIn tip where I'm going to highlight and tell you the way we use hashtags and why we should use it to our advantage.

You can read this here or watch the video or do both as in "and", model.

When I go to my  LinkedIn page and to the LinkedIn profile I can see an article which I had written yesterday about an event which I attended online.
It was regarding "Redefining Consumer Engagement".
The company which hosted it is tagged by me.
Further  up I can see  the three hashtags which I used in the sequence #shambavisspectrum #marketinginsights and #customerfirst.

How many hashtags to use on LinkedIn?

This is a good time for me to tell you that please don't use more than five (5) hashtags on LinkedIn..
Other platforms may encourage more but LinkedIn is happy with five.

You click on the three dots for copy link to post and share it.
You can paste on a Word document you can see again view the sequence of the hashtags which I used.

You can prioritize and give  importance to what you want highlighted in your post so that the search engines can locate them easily.

I always keep emphasizing on the 'USP', specially of your personal brand now if you are posting on LinkedIn and you want to highlight certain things use that sequence in that particular article as I wanted to share that it's my shambavisspectrum which is my viewpoint , it was marketing insights and of that fact that customer should be the first.
If you use others hashtags then those are the hashtags which get highlighted along with your link so obviously when people are searching for it those would come up first so it is up to you to decide what you want as priority.

Go ahead and use those hashtags to benefit yourself.

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