Wednesday, June 23, 2021

What is a hashtag? Why we should use personal hashtags!

What is a hashtag?

A  hash tag is something which was started actually by Twitter but is used by every platform to search content you can also use it to cross reference.

Now if you think that what you're saying has a voice which needs to be heard by people, it is like having a nameboard outside your house declaring that this house is where you live in a similar fashion you can actually use hashtags to relate to the content that you have written or spoken.


I personally use hashtag #shambhavisspectrum, not that many people know me but then when and if they do, even if they're not connected on the social media platforms with the search using the hashtag they can access my content anywhere.
So make yourself more visible, what you say let it reach out to more people, use hashtags and let people know where you reside in the social platforms or in the space of the technology world.

Connect with me

Please do connect if you've created a hashtag for yourself after this post, to let me know in the comments box.

 I would be very interested in knowing your thoughts on hashtag on any platform that you connect with me.
Please do let me know what you think about it and any other tips that you would like .
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